Wimaxit 10 inch 1080p monitor, with HDMI, VGA, microphone and headphone jacks.

Video source:@CheekyLittleBoat

-Crisp image, good level of brightness, good color.
-Very light.
-Has a built in mounting point on the back which allows for vertical adjustment.
-Has the cable ports inset so that they don't protrude out the side, (some of the thin 4K monitors look fantastic, but are cable nightmares if you want to mount them.)
-Competitively priced for its category

-The unit is a bit on the thick side, which makes it somewhat less than modern in terms of portability. ( that's a non-issue since have it permanently mounted.)
-The HDMI cable is very short for my needs; I had to dig out a longer one. (For portable users, however, this might be seen as a benefit.)

  • 10.1 inch IPS screen: 1920x1080p native resolutions,500nits brightness,1000:1 contrast.Sharp color,wide viewing angels
  • Ideal portable HDMI VGA Monitor for TV, PC,laptop,Raspberry Pi.Extend screen for game console/switch/ps4.Smart choice secondary screen for work and entertainment
  • Built-in Speakers. Built-in 3.5mm stereo output. Audio in(only in VGA connections) Back vesa 75x75mm
  • Package included:1X10.1 inch HDMI VGA monitors, 1XStand, 1X12V 2A DC adapter, 1XHDMI Cable
  • We provide 1 year warranty on this items. Free replacement and return within 1year via send message to us
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