WIMAXIT 15.6 Type-C 1080p touch monitor review with sRGB and Adobe RGB color space values.

WIMAXIT External Touchscreen Monitor,15.6 Inch Ulta-slim 1920x1080 16:9 Display Type-C/USB C Monitor Compatible with Laptop, Android Phone,Switch and other Game Consoles

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It's so versatile, the possibilities are almost endless with it, for example it can be used as a screen for dex or similar screen mirroring programs on a usb c compatible phone, A graphics tablet for pc if you're a designer, it can be a great gaming device screen and even something crazy like a giant satnav if you connect it to a usb type c compatible phone.

It also makes a great media consumption device and will work great for traveling if you connect it to your phone and use your 4g network.

As a second monitor it works great too with its beautiful vivid screen with it's touch capabilities, great viewing angles and super thin besels.

It is also as solid as a rock with it's tough brushed metal build, I tried bending it but it didn't even budge.

It really easy to set up too, it needs to be set as main screen on windows for touch to work and needs one usb pluged into the computer with the hdmi. If you want to run the touch and on board speakers at the same time there needs to be extra power pluged into wall. Sound works fine on external speakers with touch though with just the one usb c.

If you want to set it up with my phone it needs a usb c to the phone and then the other usb c to the wall or a power bank and it will work flawlessly.

The extra bits that came with it were also great the protective case and stand was very convenient.
The screen also has an unusual pen holding stand feature if you don't have the case with you.
It also comes with mounting holes if you want to mount it to a wall or attach it to a retractable arm.

The 3 cables that come in the box are all thick and sturdy and it also comes with Qualcomm fast charging 3.0 wall plug and a screen

Overall it is a great monitor only small personal gripes
I would say is that case isn't very versatile in terms of positions and the power cable is a bit short but these are just small things and don't take any awesomeness away from the entire experience with this device.

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